So this is it, the finale. Join us one last time for ‘-30-‘

After 59 episodes, well over 100 hours of discussion, countless emails and listener interactions…we’ve reached the end of our journey. For better or worse, it’s time to bring our epic mission to analyse every single episode of our favourite TV Drama ever to a close.

The serial killer plot is outed as false and the mayor goes through the motions to clean it up as quietly as possible. Following that, our ensemble starts to move on, move out or face death. Some that we see have their positions taken by newer, younger characters. Others must accept their fate and then disappear into obscurity. But there’s one character – the city of Baltimore itself – whose future is truly uncertain. Have we been paying attention? Are these problems that can even be fixed? Such is the nature of The Wire to raise such difficult yet vital questions.

We’re here for one last extra special episode, please enjoy.


There’s no escaping the tragedy in The Wire’s penultimate episode – S5E09 ‘Late Editions’

With George Pelecanos on writing duties once again for our penultimate episode of Season 5 and the show as a whole, you’d better know that there’s no shame in holding onto grief because there’s a lot of it to be had here! Even with Marlo and Co in bracelets, it’s a short lived victory as the suspicions surrounding their arrests begin to circulate.

Carcetti is a posturing career politician, Dukie is kind and smart kid who is walking down a dark alley to co-habit with junkies, Michael is a murderer, and so on and so on… Just as Colvin says “there’s nothing to be done”. When Dukie talks about the piss-filled balloons incident from the very beginning of Season 4, one can’t help but feel overwhelmed at just how far away that is now.

All the sadness aside, ‘Late Editions’ is a massive payoff for all the hard work that has gone into the characters and their stories. Bubbles in particular, who has been struggling for five seasons now, finally shows some closure.

Join us for the penultimate episode of Caught on The Wire!

Just when you think you know the hero of the story… S5E08 ‘Clarifications’

Who’d have thought it would end up like this? Well, that depends on how well you’ve been paying attention…

McNulty’s stories are starting to come apart as more and more people learn of the deception. The same could be said for Templeton, though his lies are somewhat less well rehearsed. And think how far Carcetti has come since he was sat on that sofa with Jen, debating whether he’d even be mayor.

There’s lots to cover in this great Season 5 episode, join us on ITunes, Youtube or via download.

S5E07 ‘Took’ is out – just 3 episodes to go now!

McNulty just might be starting to regret his little escapade, even if it’s doing some good for the beleaguered police department. Meanwhile Clay Davis claims the accusations of his wrong doings are actually doing good as well. With so many ongoing deceptions in play, they are starting to twist and turn in such a way that they may never be truly untangled. Enjoy!

This week we focus on ‘The Dickensian Aspect’

Apologies again for being a little later than planned, it’s time for S5E06. Lester’s epigraph says it all. Just how much further will McNulty go before Marlo is in bracelets? How much further will Omar go until he or Marlo is dead? And how much further will the show go with its ‘heightened’ feel and pushing on the boundaries of credulity? Have a listen.

We’re back! Let’s leap (at least 3 storeys) into S5E05 ‘React Quotes’

After a slightly extended Christmas and New Year break we’re feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the remainder of the show – just the second half of Season 5 to go now!

This week, some reflection after our transitions is due, just as the serial killer starts to gain some real traction in the public sphere.

Be sure to have a watch of this brilliant animated Wire title sequence too!